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OPAL LUXURY TIME PRODUCTS LIMITED Pioneering Décor Clocks is a Pune Based company, into the business of manufacturing and marketing of High-end Designer Wall Clocks and Table Clocks with the brand name OPAL (Premium Luxury Segment) and CALIBER (Economy Segment).

At OPAL – we see timepieces a little different…they are not just there to tell the time – but also to add to the décor. To make this concept possible, the company invested extensively in technology of precision and design aesthetics. This created a synergy – and a strong brand OPAL identity. OPAL – the range of lifestyle clocks The walls of mansions, connoisseurs, measuring beyond time…

One can choose from the wide OPAL range. Right from the grand Westminster Chime Clocks to, Pendulum clocks, to Statue, funky digital, Feature, and Anniversary table Clocks. If you have an exquisite moment – we have the clock to make it even better. Opal clocks are very popular for corporate gifting. They make for elegant gifts and provide very high value for money....

Some of our Recent Clients from various sectors are listed below

No. Sector Location Style No. Photo
1 FMCG Faridabad, Haryana 3852 (Opal)
2 Health care Mumbai, Maharashtra 5850 (Opal)
3 Education Kolhapur, Maharashtra 5886 (Opal)
4 FMCG Faridabad, Haryana 3825 (Opal)
5 Automobile, Oil & Gas Pune, Maharashtra 5409 (Opal)
6 IT / Software Pune, Maharashtra 5616 (Opal)
7 Real Estates Pune, Maharashtra DN 684 (Caliber)
8 Energy Plant Bharuch, Gujarat 5418 B (Opal)
9 Energy Plant Bharuch, Gujarat 5418 W (Opal)
10 Automobile Engineering Pune, Maharashtra 7560 BR (Opal)
11 Government Sector Pune, Maharashtra TS 216 (Caliber)
12 Government Sector Mumbai, Maharashtra TS 225 (Caliber)
13 Infrastructures Ahmedabad, Gujarat 261 (Caliber)
14 Hotels / Motels / Resorts Juhu Mumbai, Maharashtra 5796 (Opal)
15 Construction Pune, Maharashtra 5805 A (Opal)
16 Real Estates Pune, Maharashtra 5778 (Opal)
17 Government sector Pune, Maharashtra GL2007 (Caliber)
18 Pharmaceuticals Pune, Maharashtra 4536 (Opal)
19 Banking Pune, Maharashtra DN 702 (Caliber)