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When the Time is on your side, it shows. Make sure you show it with Panache. The graceful sweep of the hands, the elegant splash of designs and the beautiful symmetry of proportions make this collection as flamboyant as possible. We call it ‘perfect timing’.

The movement of the Pendulum is pure majestic. These are versatile wall clocks. Wherever you put them, you can be sure of adding a splendid dignity to the surroundings.

A perfect series to commemorate the mystery of time. Beautifully sculpted timepieces that mesmerize you. The sculpture stands majestically while the clock and the pendulum oscillate. Created to dominate palaces.

A highly stylized range of clocks, designed to add a touch of urban sophistication to your modern décor, personality and lifestyle.

Designer Wall clocks, Contemporary wall clocks, Traditional wall clocks, Ethnic wall clocks

Opal, focusing on creating a line of high-end products that moved with high-quality, precision movements and incorporated stunning designs that were works of art all by themselves. By refocusing Opal Clocks, this once-floundering division is now recognized for its cutting-edge designs and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. The end result is a lifestyle-focused brand that delivers highly desirable timepieces for any style across the globe.

How it Works

Unique Design

At Opal the effort is always to create timepieces rather than clocks. And though many may question the difference, we insist. Opal timepieces do not just tell time, they talk about your tastes, your ambitions, your personality, they talk about you.

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Since inception, OPAL has always stood for sustained innovation, new benchmarks in technology and aesthetics in the world of time and timepieces. For us, the possibilities are limitless and ideas boundless, making each OPAL creation a collectable item.


We look forward to being the most desired brand in lifestyle products through undeviating up gradation in technology and creativity - through leadership, team education and enhancing facilities.

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